Practice Topicwise Important Questions for UPSC Mathematics

The Questions are Part of Daily Practice and Test Programme.
Each Topic Contains 10 Important Questions, which has to be Solved in 60-80 Minutes.
COMPOUND EFFECT : Practice 10 Important Questions Daily ( Without Seeing Solutions First , then know your Mistakes and Again Solving it)
After this course, you will be able to SOLVE 1000 Important questions confidently.
ODE Daily Questions
Formation,Integarting factors
Geometry interpretation,Application of ODE
Orthogonality,First Order Eqn : Solvable for p, x,y
First Order Eqn : Claurait,Singular Soln
LDE constant coefficient
Cauchy Euler Eqn
Cauchy Euler Eqn
Cauchy Euler Eqn
Cauchy Euler Eqn