Booklist for UPSC Mathematics Optional Paper

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Matrices : Krishna Series : Click here
Linear Algebra :
1) Any B.Sc Text Book of your State is enough to learn and practice
You can Checkout Telangana State B.Sc Book.
2) Schaum Series: ( Few Very Important Questions ONLY) : Click Here

Analytic Geometry:
1) 3D Geometry : Krishna Series Click here
2) Analytic Solid Geometry : Krishna Series : Click Here
Donot waste TIME on Analytic Geometry by P.N.Chaterjee.

1) ODE and PDE : Raisinghania Click here

Vector Analysis:
1) Vector Analysis by Krishna Series : Click Here
2) Vector Analysis by Schaum Series Click here

Calculus and Real Analysis:
1) Differential Calculus: Krishna Series : Click Here
2) Integral Calculus: Krishna Series : Click Here
3) Advanced Differential Calculus: Krishna Series : Click Here
4) Advanced Integral Calculus: Krishna Series : Click Here
5) Real Analysis : S.Chand . Raisinghania : Click Here

1) Statics by Krishna Series : Click Here

1) Dynamics by Krishna Series : Click Here
2) Dynamics :Raisinghania : Click Here

Abstract Algebra: THE NEVER ENDING TOPIC :
You can NEVER Master this Topic. So learn ONLY Basic Things.
Do this Unit ONLY in the Last.
1) Any B.Sc TextBook of your State
Checkout ( S.Chand -Telangana State B.Sc Book : Download there in SuccessClap FREE Study Material)
( Download this from Our Study Material and Start studying)
2) University Algebra: GopalKrishnan : Click Here
(Small and Good Book) also Read its Solution Book
There are many books in the market , which will waste your time. Stick to any one book and do it thoroughly.

Complex Analysis:
1) Complex Analysis by Krishna Series: Click Here
2) Complex Analysis :Schaum Series : Click Here

1) ODE and PDE : Raisinghania: Click Here
2) Advanced PDE: Raisinghania : Click Here
3) PDE by Snedon : Click Here

1) Operation Research by Kanti Swarup : Click Here

Numerical Analysis:
1) Any B.Sc Textbook covers all Topics
2)Numerical Analysis by Sastry : Click Here
3) Numerical Analysis by Iyenger (Few Questions) : Click Here
4) Flow Charts: Free Study Material by SuccessClap .

1) Rigid Dynamics Vol 1: Krishna Series : Click Here
2) Rigid Dynamics Vol 2: Krishna Series : Click Here
3) Classical Mechanics by J. C Upadhyay : Click Here

Fluid Dynamics:
1) Fluid Dynamics by Raisinghania : Click Here
It is advisable to read from these standard text books only. Donot waste your time in collecting Notes, pdfs, Study materials from every known source. You will pile up study material but never read it.
Do Toppers study from Standard Textbooks. I have not seen them telling this in their Interview
Toppers ALWAYS study from Standard Textbooks. Donot Follow FAKE TOPPERS.
Studying from Standard Textbooks consume TIME . Should I study from NOTES.
No : You should ALWAYS Study from TEXT BOOKS only.
The Textbooks are designed to give perfect picture of a concept . It is a first hand information. When the information is transferred to notes, the essence gets diluted and information is lost.
Example: Human psychology : When you solve problems on Vector Analysis, Fluid Dynamics, Integral Calculus and if you know Walli's formula, then definitely you will Skip all integration steps and write the answer directly . If someone reads your notes and he doesn't know Walli's formula, then he will not understand anything.. But Textbooks shows and explains each and every step.
There is No ShortCuts in Studying from Text Books
Why should I study from SuccessClap Study material
The Study material is compilation from Standard Text books. So you are reading from Textbooks only.